Pros and cons of taking Sustanon 250

Sustanon 250 is an anabolic androgenic steroid or AAS that is administered intravenously. The solution has a transparent light yellow color and consists of active ingredients that are converted into testosterone in the user’s body.

Sustanon 250 is essentially a testosterone booster as it helps to replace or increase testosterone levels in the body. This is especially useful if the user suffers from male hypogonadism or suffers from low testosterone.

Sustanon 250 for general use

Sustanon 250 for general use

Testosterone is produced by the male testicles and this androgen hormone is necessary for several reasons. For example:

  • Testosterone is important for the proper growth, development, and functionality of the male genitalia.
  • Testosterone is also responsible for hair growth on the face and body.
  • Testosterone deepens a man’s voice.
  • This hormone contributes to the growth and development of muscles and bones.
  • Testosterone also promotes red blood cell production.
  • A lack of testosterone in the body is the cause of low sex drive, infertility and impotence. It also causes weakness, fatigue, weak bones, anxiety and depression.

The main action of the drug

The main action of the drug

The composition of the product Sustanon, reviews of which athletes contain recommendations for many who want to achieve the result of a toned and beautiful body, includes propionate (30 mg), phenylpropionate (60 mg), isocaproate (60 mg) and decanoate ( 100mg). Each of these substances shows its effect over a certain period of time. So, propionate and phenylpropionate act in the first week after the injection, isocaproate – from the first to the second week, but the effect of decanoate is the longest – more than a month. That is why the drug “Sustanon”, reviews of which are, of course, positive, is characterized as a fast and at the same time long-lasting anabolic substance. Many professionals emphasize that this tool is not specifically designed to increase muscle mass, you need to know and understand this. It is prescribed for testicular dysfunction, osteoporosis, diseases of the male genitalia and adrenogenital disorders. Therefore, there are still possible side effects of its use. Nobody is immune to this. Even a beautiful picture with the obtained result does not guarantee complete health. Therefore, before making the final decision to increase muscle mass with anabolic injections, you should seriously consider all the risks.

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The effect of the drug “Sustanon”, the reviews of which contain information about the excellent results of athletes, is to increase muscle mass, increase physical endurance several times, accelerate the regeneration of muscle tissue after intensive training, the formation of blood growth to increase and carry out anti-catabolic effect, increases appetite, and also affects the increase in libido.
Of course, the first three components are the most interesting for many men. The level of anabolic hormones in the blood is kept in the optimal ratio for a month. And all thanks to just a few injections a week.

Effects of taking Sustanon 250

  • Increase muscle mass
  • Increases (increases) resistance due to increased blood formation, a larger number of red blood cells in the blood provides better oxygen flow (thereby increasing resistance).
  • Has an anti-catabolic effect
  • Increases appetite
  • Increases libido (while taking the drug)

Side effects of Sustanon 250

Side effects of Sustanon 250

Gynecomastia, swelling, fat (female type), inhibition of self-testosterone production = these side effects can be prevented by using antiestrogens (Nolvadex or Clomid).

Another serious side effect, such as B. Testicular atrophy, is also possible. This side effect affects those who take a long cycle (longer than 8 weeks). Do not take Sustanon for more than 8 weeks and taking antiestrogens (Nolvadex or Clomid) may prevent this side effect. However, if the treatment lasts longer than 8 weeks (which is not recommended), gonadotropin is necessary.

Also because the testosterone in the body becomes dihydrotestosterone (causing the following side effects): acne, hair loss, prostate hypertrophy and other androgenic side effects.

Sustanon also increases the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.

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Athletes will often notice an increase in temperature and flu-like condition during Sustanon.

After the injection you will have (occasionally) bumps, such small lumps where you injected. But these shocks will disappear in 2-5 weeks.