Sustanon-250: full description

Sustanon is undoubtedly one of the leaders in the broad-spectrum anabolic steroids market. Its formula is unique in that it contains a combination of 4 testosterone esters, which, when used together, create a synergistic effect at the end of the first few weeks of the course.
Sustanon is a combination of testosterone esters. Included in hormone replacement therapy drugs.

What is the Sustanon Steroid for?

What is the Sustanon Steroid for?

If you want to emphasize relief, drying muscle or destroying the subcutaneous fat layer, choose complex courses or fat burners alone. Buying Sustanon is beneficial for those who plan to gain initial weight, train hard, prepare for future races, “pull” vein patterns and restore normal after exercise without joint pain.

This is a great option:

  • weight lifters;
  • electric lifts;
  • Body builders;
  • bodybuilders of all profiles.

Formula and active ingredients

Named after a milligram of active ingredients, Sustanon 250 has received the most positive reviews in more than 40 years of market leadership.

This medicine contains 4 esters:

  • 100 mg decanoate;
  • phenylporopionate 60 mg;
  • 60 mg isocaproate;
  • 30 mg of propionate.

The four ethers (two hundred and fifty milligrams in total) are one composition that is poured into ampoules or bottles. There are also modified formulas – Sustanon 325, 350, 400, based on 5 esters, antiseptics and peanut butter (derivative).

Sustanon in ampoules is usually packaged in 1 ml and is very convenient for the first test. Bottles are effective with regular anabolic steroid-based treatments (alone or in combination). Each vial may contain 10 to 50 ml of solution for injection. Depending on this, the packaging indicates the total amount of esters (and then available to buy Sustano 250, 500, 1000) or the volume of the container (solution 10, 30, 50 ml).

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Drug action

Drug action

In the 1980s, a steroid called Sustanon or Omnadren blew up the sports industry. Easy to use, “long game”, it builds muscle for a long time and does not require regular intake, just like analogs in tablets. The developed formula allows you to use the composition in preparation for tournaments, and it only takes 12-15 weeks to completely remove the drug.

Today’s reviews of athletes about Sustanon confirm its effectiveness:

muscle growth (plus 5-6 kg per month);
prevention of catabolic processes;
prevention of joint pain (initially used to relieve pain in elderly patients with inflammatory processes);
normalize appetite;
increase the overall stability of the body (Sustanon activates the synthesis of red blood cells, accelerates the supply of oxygen to the organs, as well as blood circulation, allowing the whole body to tone quickly);
increased libido (according to doctors Sustanon, the drug continues to suppress its testosterone synthesis, but unlike many analogs, the resumption of natural hormone production at the end of the course is not difficult, short and cheap);
accelerated recovery after active training.

Admission course – how to inject

Admission course - how to inject

One of the overall advantages of Sustanon, as well as the reasonable price of ampoules and vials, is its ease of use. The solution is injected into the gluteal muscle only once a week. Doses depend on the athlete ‘s weight, physical condition, age and goals of the AAS course.

Usually as follows:

250 mg per week for young women and men (mild support, single course Sustanon);
500 mg for men (weekly average);
600-1000 mg per week for advanced athletes.
The duration of the injection program is 6-8 to 10-16 weeks. In the second case (long-term use of the drug) gels are needed to prevent infiltration at the injection site and Gonadropin. The long courses are largely a combined program based on Sustanon and Methane or its analogues.

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Sustanon side effects

Sustanon side effects

To avoid complications, hormonal disorders, discomfort, and other unpleasant consequences associated with steroid use, we advise you to choose the supplier, brand, and dose of Sustanon responsibly.

So you can protect yourself from the most common signs and side effects of an overdose:

  • hair growth all over the body (face is no exception);
  • development of pimples due to increased sebum synthesis;
  • irritation at injection site;
  • cone formation (infiltrates).

The latter effect is easily reversed if Sustanon is injected directly into a muscle and not into the fat layer under the skin. The results of the steroid course only get better.